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Eh. [10 Sep 2004|11:36pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Well today was gayness! I couldn't find the guy I liked all day! Well, a few times, but I wanted someone to be there with me when I ask him out. I couldn't find Tawny or anybody. So, definately Monday I will. I'll do it, I just want someone to be there with me. Gotta think posotive, think posotive, think posotive!!! Heres' a survey.

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AHHHHH [09 Sep 2004|03:32pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

Today, was not really that great of a day. It wasn't really bad or anything though. Well, yesterday I got the feeling where I feel really confident, and that usually lasts for like 4 days. And I felt sooo confident, I never felt so confident like how I did yesterday. So, today I decided I was gonna ask a certain somebody out...So a friend and I went to go look for him after I got out of lunch. We saw him and the friend of mine said something, and I couldn't do it. I got too nervous and scared. I was shaking...I didn't ask him out right then and there, because he was with someone that hates me and someone that I don't like very much. So, I went back to my 4th hour(history-Duffield) and I sat back in my seat, which is right next to Ian. I was shaking horribly bad. Mr Duffield told us to write something and I did, and my wrighting was so bad, it was really small and really sloppy, and the rest of my paper I did before that happened was all big and alot neater. Wow, i was shaking for like 10-15 mins.I was surprised that Ian didn't know I was shaking, it's insane. It was very noticable that I was though. I was gonna ask him after 4th hour let out, but I couldn't find him. Then I went to my 5th hour, and I saw Steph walking in the hallway(my seat is right next to the door) and she told me to go to the bathroom. I saw alot of people walk by in the hall, i always look out the door when i hear someone coming...because I am a loser like that. It's a habbit, I guess. Hah, I always get out of Huskens class, and Steph and I usually get caught by Mr. Husken too. He always sees Steph and me in the hall walking when I tell him I have to go to the bathroom. Hah. ANYWAYS. So I went to meet Steph in the bathroom, and we talked. Then I went back to my class. And about 15 seconds after I sit in my seat, I see him walk by to go to the bathroom! Mr.Husken didn't see me walk in or anything, so I was gonna walk back out and I was gonna ask this certain someone out...But THEN he noticed I was back...So, I didn't get to go back out in the hall!!! I saw Steph out there still, and I told her to go talk to him...BAD IDEA...Well, I just want to do this on my own this time. Then I was gonna ask him when 5th hour let out, I saw him...but that damn kid walks to fast and I had to go to my locker...Then after I was done at my locker, I went on a very small mission to find him *doo doot dee doo doo doot doo dee doot doo doo doot* And I couldn't find that young man! After 6th hour, I looked for him and couldn't find him. So, definently tomarow I am gonna ask him! So I guess that was my day...Other shit went on...Blah, blah, blah. Hopefully I am going to the movies on Saturday, with EVERYONE that I want to go. Guh! I'm getting really impatient with this now. So I'm just gonna hurry up and do it...get it done and over with. And hopefully I have GREAT outcomes on it. WOOHOO!!!

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Damn gayness today! [06 Sep 2004|10:33pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I babysat for 2 days and i got $40! Then today i was sposed to go to Steph's and we were gonna hangout with some people and such, BUT i HAD to go to the Rennasiance Festival. I hated it. I was so bored and hot! I was so pissed i didn't get to hangout with Steph. So we are gonna hangout Wednesday. I asked my mom if i could get my bellybutton pierced and she said, "Yeah, but you're paying for it" ALRIGHT!!! So we are gonna go get it done on Friday the 17th. Steph is coming with me! YAY! I'm kinda scared, but I'm excited at the same time. I hate fucking needles! But I really want this done. Steph said it hurts, but it is really worth it. EXCITED!!! I don't know where we are gonna get it done at though....The Casualties show is on the 5th not the 7th. My mom said i can go if i have good grades on my progress report. I AM GOING DAMMIT!!!!

I also talked to my mom about Homecoming. She has to give me money for a dress(yes, a dress). I told her I want a black one, and that Steph and I are going dress shopping together. She asked me if I was going with anybody...Eh, no. But HOPEFULLY someone will ask me. My mom said my Grandma will be so amazed that I am actually gonna wear a dress, and she'll be so happy. My mom said she'd problly give me some money too. Damn, I have to wear like high heels..man oh man! I hope someone asks me though.

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oaskdgbnasogb!!!! [04 Sep 2004|10:51pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Steph: You cannot move to Texas! You're such a good friend to me, i love you man! I don't know what i would do without you here, life would be hell. I know how bad you want to go and all to see Alyssa. I mean, i miss her alot too. But you can't leave too! i can like tell you everything. You are the only one i can tell everything to. You always give me really good advice and you help me with my problems. No one else ever does that. You're such a good friend. And you'd be leaving Jim too. He loves you....You love him! You can't leave him too! Holy shit, I am crying really bad right now. Ever since you told me to read you LJ entry I have been crying. YOU CANT LEAVE, I WONT LET YOU!!! Man, you don't understand. Everyone would miss you so much. Jim, Me...EVERYONE!

I think I am going to The Casualties show on Novemver 7th. I can't wait. Rob is gonna drive me. Jamie, and Chris are going to. This should be fun. Troy is going also. He's gotta sit on someone's lap though. Haha! But, i am really excited! I can't wait! Just about 2 or sumthin months now...dammit.

Steph, I really don't want you to leave You cant!

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Survey I stole from Megan! [04 Sep 2004|03:48pm]
[ mood | confident ]

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[02 Sep 2004|07:00pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

SurveyCollapse )

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Awwww...... [02 Sep 2004|04:25pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Sara wrote this in her journal(a few entry's back):

"Natalie really like this guy and I think there going to go out. I hope they do i mean she really likes him. And she is so excited to see him this week so it makes me happy when i see her happy. They look really good together."

I think that is the nicest thing she has said to me in the longest time!!!

Yes, I really do like him. I really hope we do go out. I think I might get to see him this week, out of school. If not this week, than next week. Do we really look good together??? Awww, thank you soo much. I really really really do hope we go out though.

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Stuff [02 Sep 2004|03:44pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

I went to school today. In all my classes all we did was pretty much wright notes. BORING! 5th hour, i saw Sara in the hall, i sit by the door, and we were talking and she looked like she was trying to fly... I saw Steph and i saw umm a certain someone walk by also, and i told Steph to talk to him for me...But instead i told Mr. Husken i had to go to the bathroom, and Steph and I walked around for awhile. We saw Kyle and talked to him for a few by the bathroom/drinking fountains. We were out in the halls for like 10 minutes, and we went by my class, and Jim is in my class, and we were both wispering "JIM!!" kinda loud, and he is a deaf deaf man! Mr. Husken saw me, and like 2 mins. later he came out, and me and Steph were still trying to get Jims attention so he could come out and hangout with us for sumtime. And he caught us, and he asked me "are you done yet?" and i said yes and went in the classroom, and he kept talking to Steph. It was funny.

I am not grounded anymore! YAY!!! So now, i can go to the movies tomarow, and yeah...


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SHIT HOLE!!!!!! [01 Sep 2004|12:04pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

I missed my bus today, because I have no idea where my bus stop is and my mom wasn't home and my dad said it was some where down the street on the corner. So, i went down to where he told me to go, and no one was there. So i went back home, he was gone and went to take the kids to ummm..Day care or sumthin. So i called his cell and he said, "well then stay home. I'm not coming back to get you." So, now I am gonna be in even more trouble! It's his fault, when i called he was still on Washington, he just was a dick and wouldn't come back and get me. So I've been sleeping all day....

Yesterday- Tawny's mom picked me up for the first day of school. I hate my 3rd and 4th hour, it has *nigger* in it, and he kept looking at me in 4th hour. I like my 4th hour because Ian is in it, i just wish *nigger* wasn't in it. I have 6th hour with Ian's neice Devon(his neice is older than him!) So, that's pretty kewl. So ANYWAYS, after school, Tawny and I were gonna walk to Wendy's and Ian wanted us to call him when he got up there so we could all hangout. BUT, Tawny's mom and Step-dad gave us a ride up there, and we all ate there. And we were gonna walk home, so they left. I called Ian, he was gonna meet us at Jets or wutever. We called Tawny's mom, left a message that we won't be home for awhile. So Ian, Tawny and I went to The Pet Store...because he wanted to. Then we went to 7/11 and i got a slurpee. Ian wouldn't let me buy anything for him....he had no money and i felt bad. Stupid Chink. Then we went to CVS, then to BP to get Tawny a Jones Soda. Then we went back to Ian's. He showed some funny stuff on the internet, and we played video games. And we wrestled and shit, now that was very fun. Bunch of other stuff happened too, IT WAS REALLY FUN. His mom got home..15 minutes later my mom called Ian's house...Uh-Oh! She started bitching at me..."Tawny's mom has been driving around looking for her for hours. You guys have to leave now. Start walking back to Tawny's house NOW!!" Holy shit man..So we left. I pissed at Burger King. We walked for like 10 mins. and we saw Chuck(Tawny's step-dad)very very angry in his truck at a street, that we were right by. So we got in the truck and he said, "You blew it" and he turned the music up really loud, and he was driving like a mad man!!!!! He was so pissed. He took us back to Tawny's house. Tawny's mom had a talk with us. I went home. My mom and Tawny's mom talked... I am grounded for a week!!!!!! It is so stupid! I am grounded because we we're not where we were suposed to be...The only reason I am grounded is because Tawny's mom is grounding her. GODDAMMIT!!!!!!!!! I had fucking plans throughout this whole week!!! Friday...UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!kshdgoih oei[ahgengifjbv vnwokdfghdfoighdfoihg!!!!!!!!!!!
No phone, no computer(no one is home right now) and no going anywhere!!!! HORRIBLE
1st day of school and I am already grounded...and for the gayest reason ever.

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AHHH!!! Plans for the week and wut i did today [30 Aug 2004|08:53pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Today- I was sposed to go to Steph's when she got home from the mall. So Sara came over and we watched The Blue Collar Comedy Tour and my dad ordered some of my clothes online. So, im excited about that. He is also ordering a SLC Punk shirt for me! YAY! I didn't go to Steph's bc she got home at like 7pm so yeah...

Tuesday- Tawny is picking me up for skewl. After skewl we are gonna walk places, maybe to Wendy's and hangout with Ian.

Wednesday-Going to Ian's after skewl

Thursday-Hanging out with Hannah

Friday-Movies with Steph, Kyle(maybe) and i think maybe Jim.(maybe some other people too, not sure)

I havn't planned anything for the weekend yet. So if you wanna do sumthin...tell me soon!

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[29 Aug 2004|05:55pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

I babysat last night, made $20, that i am already gonna use for sumthing.
Went to Taco Bell at 1pm today, it was scrumptious.
Sara always is "bailing" out on shit, Brandenburg, the mall, the last 2 landslide shows, and the brandenburg show on the last day. And there's problly more. It really pisses me off. Life is slightly getting a bit better.....i hope it gets alot better
I feel really good right now. Since yesterday i've felt alot better than i normally do.

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My Schedule [29 Aug 2004|03:30pm]
[ mood | okay ]


Hour             Class                 Teacher
   1       Algerbra Concepts    Samonie
   2       Spanish 1                  Cruz
   3       Ap.Phy.Sci.Phy.          Herbert
   4       U.S History 1             Duffield   
   5       English 9A                 Husken
   6       Graphic/Print             Gunst


Hour              Class                 Teacher
   1           English 9B             Husken
   2           Int.Draw/Design    Kucharski
   3           Ap.Phy.Sci.Chem.   Herbert
   4           Algerbra Concepts Samonie
   5           Spanish 1               Malouf
   6           U.S History 2          Ebersole  


Does anybody have ANY classes with me????

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SHAHAHHAHAAHAH [27 Aug 2004|09:15pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Yesterday i was sposed to go to Ian's but i didn't bc... i do not know why. I wanted to hangout with Tawny before she left and went camping, so i walked to her house at 6. I called Sara on my cell phone, to talk on my way to walking to Tawny's and she wanted me to ditch Tawny and go to the movies with her and Darren, and i didn't want to and uhh...she got really pissed, it was soo gay she was REALLY pissed. Tawny and I went to Walgreens and back to her house, we watched Guns N Roses videos, called her friend Joey, talked to Sara and Darren on the phone. Sara didn't go to the movies bc i didn't go, i find that really stupid. And she called like 4 times, and every time, we would start talking and then she always says, "you're a fucken cunt." and she hangsup. Idk, she is begining to really piss me off lately. Me and Tawny went for a walk down by Middle Skewl North. We were talking about sum random things, eh eh!!! I went home about 10:30 and i don't remeber wut i did after that.

Today my mom took me and Sara to the High Skewl at 10 and we got our pics taken, got our schedules, and that junk. We stayed til' 12. I saw Ryan Aubel!!!!!!!!!!!I love that little man. We had another boob grabbing fest, but it was rather short this time..he won this time too, damn! I will get that little fucker back..uh huh, oh yes i will!!! I saw Keagan there, he walks sooo funny. He's like a fucken woman, and he is always touching his hair, hahahah it's sooo funny. I saw Megan leech, and Steph, but i didn't really get to talk to Steph. I think i need to talk to that young woman... I didn't see *the nigger* THANK GOD!! I saw Brian Logston...ooo wut a hot fucker. and i saw sum one else that i kinda like, not saying his name i don't want him to know now. Uhh...i saw Adam Nagy. AND DARREN JACKSON!!! He is not different at all, he just lost his squeakiness in his voice...poo! I saw Ian when he was about to leave, and we have 1 class together. HAhah, he made me laugh really bad, he said, "Yeah i saw Troy like a little while ago and he said, ian help me i am lost" and a whole bunch of other stuff that i cannot remember ahahaha i laughed so bad wow, it was really funny. So ian left. And me and Sara had mad mad sex up stairs in one of the halls. It was quite fun, she is not that great though, i have had WAY better. Well, we actually went up stairs and found sum peoples and she stalked people bc she is gay like that. We left and 12. We walked back to her house, and on the road we just got out of the high skewl area and i dropped my pants down to my knees and ran across the street, and you could see my underpants bc i was wearing a tanktop that is not long... And i was gonna do it in skewl, but one of the teacher peoples problly would have yelled at me or sumthin. It was fun..So me and Sara walked. Ok, we walked from Anchor Bay HS to NorthRidge(i think that's wut the sub is called) and she was like, "UGH! My legs hurt soo bad..." and she kept going on, and complaining. GEESH! We finally got to her house and we watched the Nightmare Before Christmas, bc that movie is THE shit. She started calling a bunch of people to hangout, but none would hangout, bc they are little anus-fuckers. I wanted to go home, bc Sara was being really boring. OH YEAH, and we were talking to Tawny and i asked her if "she told anyone" bc i told her something that i dont want ANYONE to know, and i didn't want to tell Sara, bc she would flip so i made Tawny promise me not to tell ANYONE, espicially Sara. And Sara was listening and she got really mad at me bc i didn't want to tell her. And she lied to Tawny and said, "Natalie said you can tell me" and so Tawny told her and i was really pissed. Sara didn't really flip but she was like, "why?" and all this shit. AHHH, i don't know. Uhh and we called sum other people i guess and then we went down stairs and we talked to this kid named Cameron, and he said i sound really hot...So then we called even more peoples and then we set up the internet on the computer my dad fixed for her. And i got home at 8:30 and i called Ian, and he is at his dad's til' Sunday. DAMMIT, that stupid little shit. I wanted to hangout with him really bad before skewl started!!!!!!

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Yesterday and the day before [26 Aug 2004|11:47am]
[ mood | sad ]

Yesterday- I went to Sara's at like 6:45 and my dad dropped off the computer he fixed her and me and her set it up in her room. Lucky bitch gets her own computer in her own room hah.Then we called Josh and Tawny to tell them we were coming to pick them up. She invited like alot of fuckers and none of them would answer their phone, couldn't go, or we being assholes. So yeah we puck up Josh and his brother Jordan was on the right side of sara's brother(Matt) car and Josh's mom moved Jordan out of the way and i guess Matt hit him, we didnt know yet though. So we went and picked Tawny up. Got to MJR, and Josh's mom followed us. And she told us that Matt hit Jordan, "he's not hurt, but if he was i would press charges" GUH! She's a bitch..sorry Josh. We went in a we saw "Without A Paddle" With Matthew Lillard...mmmmm YUMMAH!! It was hilarious!! All you fuckers gotta go see it. After the movie we standed outside and talked by one of the walk way things. And these 2 guys walked by, and it was really funny bc he was smoking and he had a "wigger walk" and he wasn't a wigger and he walked really funny. And sara thought someone was taking a picture of her, but it was a sign thing. Gayness. We all went home. Sara called me when she got home, bc i went home first. She did, and i talked to her for like 5 mins. and i didn't want to talk anymore. So i said, "im gonna go" she said why, i said, "bc i don't feel like talking" and she said, "wuts wrong?" and i said "nothing" bc i didn't feel like telling her, and i can never tell her wuts wrong or anything...She never listens, she never cares. So i said "im gonna go" she said, "Why? So you can go cry for 30 mins.???" OOOOH man i was about to go off on her!! i said, "wut the fuck? no, im gonna go" So i just hungup on her pretty much. I was actually gonna go online, not fucking cry....goddamn!!! My parents wouldn't let me on bc they are fucken assholes! GRRR! So yeah Sara, i did sit in my room and cry. Ok? Happy now? Ian called me at 10:sumthin and i talked to him for awhile. We have sum really fucked up convo's ahahha. He asked me why i was out of breath when i picked up the phone...?? I wasn't out of breath...i was crying and i tried to not cry anymore...i didn't want him to know i was crying. I hate crying in front of other people and shit like that. So i am going to Ian's around 1 or 2 today. We hungup at 12am bc he was tired and he went to bed. I called Sara bc i know she was pissed at me..Oh well.

Tuesday- I went to the mall with my mom and dad. Sara didn't go bc she was being a dickhole. So i was kinda pissed. Well i went to get a smaller size in my pants and they did not have ANY of the same pants at all. So i got black and purple ones. That really pissed me off bc i really liked the pink ones. I found the shoe laces i wanted for my purple Chuck's i was getting. They are green with black stars, i have pink ones with black stars in my yellow chuck's. Well we went to 4 different shoe places in the mall, and none of them had purple chuck's!!!! Hot Topic had them, but they were only in low tops and i hate low tops. So i was really pissed about that. I went back in hot topic, i didn't spend any of my money yet, and there was nothing i wanted. So i went in FYE and i bought the SLC Punk soundtrack and The Casualties-Die Hards. That was $40. I wanted my mom to buy me The Doors(the movie, movie) and she wouldn't. She hasn't bought me any back to skewl clothes at all. All she bought me were shoelaces that were 2.99. And she was paying half for my chucks, which is only $15. And i just wanted her to buy me The Doors, my parents are such cheap asses! So i was pretty pissed about that. I wanted to go to Spencers and Claires and they said, "no were leaving" and i wanted to check one more shoe place "no were done today" They were pissing me off really bad. And i was showing my mom sum chuck's and i was gonna get them and she said, "no your dad wants to leave" but she was looking at shoes she wanted. So i said, "come on, we have to leave NOW!!!"(being like them) They were making me so pissed, we were only there for like 30 mins. We were exiting the mall. And i opened the first set of doors, i just pushed my body against it, then i did the same thing for the 2nd set of doors, and i banged my head on the glass..the door was locked and i was walking really fast it hurt like a mother fucker. And my mom was laughing at me. Me and her got in a HUGE-O-MUNGO fight. She's been being a huge bitch ever since. She said she'd take me to oakland mall to go shoppin, and get my purple chucks and such.

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[24 Aug 2004|01:42pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I wish i was brave

I wish i was stronger

I wish i could feel no pain

I wish i was young

I wish i would try

I wish i was honest

I wish i was you not i

Cuz i feel so mad

I fell so angry

I feel so callous

So lost, confused again

I feel so cheap

So used, unfaithful

Lets start over, lets start over

I wish i was smart

I wish i made cures for how people are

I wish i had power

I wish i could leave

I wish i could change the world for you and me


Cuz i feel so mad

I feel so angry

I feel so callous

So lost, confused again

I feel so cheap

So used, unfaithful

Lets start over, lets start over

(repeat 2x)


This song is...well sum and most of it is really true... everything underlined is how i feel

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Eh...Today and Sum Other Shit [23 Aug 2004|11:14pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

I fucken woke up at 9:4 sumthin and i couldn't go back to sleep! It was horrible! Sara came over about at uhh 12. Ian called me like 6 times today, i was in the shower and i called him back and he said, "yeah, no one was online. so i called you and i was gonna tell you to go on" aha, wut a loser. So sara came here...she was a loser and she painted her face the "the crow" and we walked down washington...came back to my house and she washed it off.

Then we were prank calling people bc we were bored. Justin Charbenau was over his dad's house, which is across the street from me, and we called him and we said it was Erica McCoy and told him to meet us in front of the sub(Homestead) and we decided to walk down his street and he was walking out of his house down the street behind us. SO we started running and we hid behind a BIG tree and bush and waited for him to pass us. Then we started running back to my house. And i ran through the sprinklers! fun. it was so fucken hot out. SO when we got to my house, i changed out of my plaids and put boxers on and jumped in my pool. it felt pretty goood. Sara didn't come in so i went back in, BUT i was soaked so i just took my boxers off and i put a towel over me...i had underwears on. THEN SUDDENLY, it started raining so i went outside and went in the rain in my underwears and a tank top. Justin..was looking out his window watching me...lovely. Sara told me to run down the street, so i did and he was watching me. So i ran back to my house on my lawn and he came over...and i told him to grab my towel that Sara threw in my drive way..he did, suprisingly! And i wrapped it around me. And my tanktop was like soaked so it was kinda hanging down low i guess and he kept looking down my shirt. GAH!!! and sara asked him why he came over and he said, "hmm idk." LIAR, i know why he was over..mmhmm.... he still likes me..but i won't go out with him bc he cheated on me before and i couldn't trust him.

So me and Sara went online for a little bit again. She got sum guy named Paul, number. She met him last weekend...So we called him and me and him were talking and he said i can fuck him!!! WAHOO!! And he also said i can make him jiz his pants!! YUMMAH! And Sara, asked him if he'd go out with me...hah, i don't even know the kid. And he said, "i don't know her. tell her to go online and send me a pic of her" hahahahahahah....yah i can't do that, i don't have any. too bad, not my problem. We had a very FUN convo. We called Darren! i havent seen/talked to him since i saw him at the movies in Feburary. I miss him! He lost his damn squikkiness!!!


So i guess i am going to the movies on Wednesday...idk? I think Sara said we are going to see "Without A Paddle" Matthew Lillard is in it!!!! OOHHHH HOTNESS!! I am going to the mall tomarow and sara's coming with me. I want purple Chuck's...hmmmmm

I can't listen to Sorrow, or There Is anymore..GRRRR

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...At my Aunt's still... [21 Aug 2004|08:23pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Last night i babysat for a few hours. When Uncle Dan got home from work he ordered a pizza, and holy shit was it ever the greasiest food i have ever seen. I like couldn't even eat it. It tasted sooo nasty. Then me and my cuzion Jordan watched Waterboy, South Park(the one with the Terrance and Phillip movie) and before we had pizza we watched The Simpson's, A Nightmare Before Chistmas, and Small Soldiers. We watched alot of movies!!! Craziness! I am babysitting right now, me and Jordan are watching South Park Season 1. Earlier today we(Uncle Dan, Aunt Fran, Me, Jordan, Madison, Gabriella, and my sister Gabby) all went to the car show today. It was fun...Cars are fun!HAHAH.... I am hopefully going home sometime tomarow. I miss EVERYBODY. I havent really talked to anybody for like a week. This summer has been REALLY EXTREMELEY shitty. It was really boring. AHHH, and i only went to Cedar Point once this summer, DAMMIT!!! I'm going in October. Ah, and now i feel like explaining my camping trip...

Aug 15th- Left to go up north. I watched SLC Punk on my portable dvd player on the way up. My sister wanted to watch it with me. She said her favorite part is when Bob punches the mirror. And she almost started crying when Bob died...awww!! Then i listened to music when that was over. We got to the campsite and we set up our tents and such.

Aug 16th- Uncle Greg, Aunt Jenny(almost..) Emma, and Angelo arrived around 9 PM. I don't really remember wut happened that day. Ah! i woke up at 12, and at 1 i took a "nap" til' like or 6. So that was pretty mch my whole day. SLEEP

Aug 17th-My Uncle Greg took my brothers tubing. AHAHAH! they all cried and didnt like it. Well Josh liked it. My mom liked it too. They went out and bought a pair of water ski's. I took a nap this day too

Aug 18th- My Uncle Greg, Aunt Jenny, Aunt Fran, Uncle Dan, Angelo and Aunt Sarah all went dirt biking from 11am-4 pm. My mom and grama were really pissed bc they wanted to go water skiing off the boat. So they did. Aunt Fran, my mom and grama skiied. They all liked it. And i took another nap this day too.

Aug 19th- AHHAAHHA!!! I went home with Aunt Fran bc i was bored. And here i am now, still here.d

Wow...was that even a fun camping trip.!!!(sarcasm)

My stomach has been hurting all day now..it really sucks!
And i really don't want to go back to skewl!!! AHHHHH!!!! I am going with Tawny on the first day...

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Camping...mostly i thinkf [20 Aug 2004|03:32pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Well, camping was really gay. I went home early bc i was really bored. I went home yesterday with my Aunt Fran and Uncle Dan. All i did when i was up there was, sleep(ALOT) cry, and listen to music. Thats it. I slept so much!! And on wednesday night when i went to sleep i had this AMAZING dream, it was awsum, and i woke up and realized that it was only a dream and wasnt real, grrr i hate when that happens. I talked to my mom about my dad, im pretty sure she is gonna divorce him when she graduates from skewl. YAY!!! well kinda yay, and kind of not. Angelo really really really likes my mom. and angelo is awsum. he'd be one hell of a dad. And i talked to her about him, and she said, "he has no brains" hah! wow...well idk. Angelo treats me alot better than my own dad does too. Nothing really happened when i was camping. My mom, aunt fran, uncle greg, and grama all went tubing and sking on uncle greg's boat. i didnt go on the boat. i didnt feel good. all i wanted to do was sleep and be alone the whole trip.

Yesterday i went to the dollar movies by Macomb Mall with my cuzion Jordan. We were gonna go see the movie "Troy" but it was rated R and they problly wouldnt let him in. So we went and seen "mean girls", eh it was alright. but DAMN, then girls are huge bitches. hah. and yeah im babysitting now

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Grrrr!!!! [14 Aug 2004|05:10pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Yeah, so i am leaving tomarow. Going up north, camping for 5 days. I'll be back on the 20th. This really sucks because i do not want to go. I don't feel like going. And Steph can't come, and my mom wont let any of my other friends come with me. This is gonna be so boring, that's why i don't want to go. My grama is going, Aunt Sarah, (almost uncle)Adam, Uncle Greg, (almost aunt) Jenny, Uncle Dan(!!!grr) Aunt Fran, her 3 kids, emma(uncle greg and jennys kid) Antonio(aunt sarah's kid) and all my brothers and sister. My dad is NOT going, thank god! But he might come up one day and stay for a few days, BIG GRRR!!! So, i am gonna have a really boring time. Shit, i problly wont even be able to drink either..bc my mom and all the kids. another BIG GRRR!!! DAMMIT! It is gonna be so boring. I think i am starting to like sumone else...hmmm.... So leave me pretty and fun comments to come back to.

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...Worst Birthday Ever... [14 Aug 2004|11:22am]
[ mood | sad ]

Yesterday was extremeley gay!!! it was my b-day...and it was boring as hell. Sara came over at about 2 or 3 or sumthin like that. We went online for awhile, and we were gonna walk places but she didn't want to bc she didn't have "the right" clothes on...My grama came over and my dad fixed her car. Sumthing was wrong with the muffler. So me and Sara just sat up in my room, listened to The Doors and played sum really weird game. Then we listened to Pink Floyd and i just sat there. THEN we listened to Guns N Roses, we sat there and talked. My mom went to work at 4, my dad and my siblings went out to eat. Me and Sara stayed here. There were 2 HUGE cases of 40 beers in my fridge(sp)!!!! I had sum yummah stuff and i remember drinking that and then we went up into my room and i tried calling Steph...her phone is still being gay. Sara called Josh and that's all i remember, then i started crying really bad. For hours...it was bad. i really couldn't stop crying! I didnt want Sara to go home. I was crying my ficking eyes out!!! She said once, "if you need me over or sumthing i'll stay" and i needed her to stay...and she leaves! When she was over i kept listening to Guns N Roses-Patience, and that song makes me cry... and it was making it worse!!!adgksaodighot'ohagjk'ohehwigghsodigsdojkhdohgsdojhosdjhgosiadghsad'oghiogohfogf
fuksdaojsghosadjghasdfjogbivb if you want to know wut else happened, since i dont remember at all, go to Sara's journal. She'll problly update about it later.

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